Accelerating 5G Connectivity

Accelerating 5G Connectivity

Edge 5G-X™ Solution Suite

The EDGE 5G-X™ Solution Suite offers IoT Gateway solutions and components that support a wide array of connectivity and data storage needs.​ From long-range resilient communications systems in the air, to artificial intelligence/machine learning enablement for ground systems, the EDGE 5G-X™ Solution Suite can be customized to meet various market applications.

The Edge 5G-X™ Solution Suite

High-Performance Computing

Operates at the edge for uninterrupted connectivity, communications, data exchange, and AI / ML

Real-Time Connectivity

Effortlessly connects various devices, sensors, and systems in real time, wherever they are

Cyber Secure

Enforced with the highest security standards including hardware-based root of trust

Trusted & Certifiable

Made-in-USA solution developed by top-tier teams

Deploying 5G Safety-Critical Solutions

The EDGE 5G-X™ Solution Suite can be customized to meet various market applications.  As technology continues to evolve, our products are built with a baseline platform for continuous integration and to meet future demands.








EDGE 5G-X™ Development Kit




EDGE 5G-X™ Card




Edge 5G-X™

A secure, portable communications device offering an open platform application (AI/ML) environment. Customizable to meet various requirements and certification needs.

Edge 5G-X™ Development Kit

An open platform hardware & software test stand providing developers with an environment to test and integrate 5G and other technologies.

Edge 5G-X™ Card

A communications card built for easy integration into an existing solution.